checklistIt's important to confirm a booking with us

To confirm your booking with us simply download the required forms you need at the bottom of this page. You will find a Schedule of Fees form, an Authority to Receive Telephone Bids form as well as a Authority to Bid form.

You will need to select the appropriate package and preferred payment method plus complete either the Authority to Receive Telephone Bids form or the Authority to Bid form.
Then simply return the forms to us at Pro Auction Bidding.

If you will not be attending the auction on the day and require Pro Auction Bidding to sign the contract on your behalf, we will require (in most instances) a signed restricted general Power of Attorney (in addition to the bidding authority). This document must be witnessed by a solicitor or a Justice Of The Peace. We will guide you through this process if required. The general Power Of Attorney document may be downloaded from our website, or you may have your solicitor prepare this specifically as per your instructions. Additional information about Power Of Attorney is available to view on our Resources page.

acrobatGeneral Power of Attorney

acrobatPAB Schedule of Fees

acrobatPAB Authority to Bid in Person

acrobatPAB Authority to Receive Telephone Bids