auction_signSteps to Success

At Pro Auction Bidding we understand that buying a property – particularly for the
first time – can often be an emotional and somewhat overwhelming experience.
That’s why we have developed our “Steps to Success" guide for you to follow.
It’s our objective to make the experience of buying the property you desire as
smooth and stress free as possible.

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Contact a Pro Auction Bidding representative to discuss how our services can save you time, stress and money when it comes to trying to secure your home or investment property under Auction conditions.

We will provide you an overview of our services and associated costs, along with our availability for your Auction date and time.
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Download and complete the necessary paperwork needed by regulation to be able to act on your behalf. 

It’s here online that you have the choice of our packaged services and can use our resources to further your understanding of Pro Auction Bidding and the Auction process.
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Pro Auction Bidding will
confirmvia email your booking and ensure that all the Bidding Authorities and specific instructions/requirements will be attended to.
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Pro Auction Bidding really comes into action for you on the day of Auction. Always acting under your instructions and working hard to deliver successfull results – purchasing property on your behalf.

All the pre-auction requirements including Buyer Registration and Proof Of Identification are completed and we begin the process of buying the property you want at the very best possible price. During the auction, you are invited to be in attendance or even on the phone.

If successful, we will oversee the signing of the Contract for Sale.

A post auction brief is provided to you on the very next business day.